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  • Watch these 10 PSU stocks
    New Delhi, March 14, 2017
    At a time when stock picking becomes increasingly challenging given the elevated valuations, stocks of state-owned entities offer a fall-back option for investors, thanks to reasonable prices versus their private peers.

  • IndianOil Steps on the Gas
    New Delhi, March 09, 2017
    The dip in oil prices was the opportunity the country’s largest refiner-retailer was waiting for. It is making the most of it by striking deals overseas and consolidating its position.

  • Bacteria that turns contaminated oil into compost
    New Delhi, February 23, 2017
    Even before Dr SSV Ramakumar could submit the joining report as the director (research and development) for IndianOil Corp, he received a call from the petroleum ministry, and was handed a herculean task.

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