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IndianOil among 'Best Companies To Work For'

The Business Today-Indicus-PeopleStrong Survey of India’s Best Employers, ranks IndianOil among the top 5 companies under the ‘Core Sector” category. The 9th annual special issue of Business Today, dated February 7, 2010, provides deep insight into the reasons that make people choose the companies they work for. The survey reaffirms the attractiveness of the oil and natural gas majors among employees.

IndianOil has ranked topmost in the survey for stability and low stress working environment – the two things that money cannot buy in the private sector’s rat race. The magazine points out that IndianOil employees stick to the job because of the way it nurtures them and their families. The survey reaffirms that the offices are transparent so that the staff can work without pressure. IndianOil also offers vast learning opportunities and challenges for its employees such that each employee has an all-round career spanning from Marketing to Refineries, Pipelines, R&D, etc.

IndianOil ranked at 3rd position under the ‘core sector’ category, 29th on an overall basis and 18th for its job security & work-life-balance, the study is based on 8,742 respondents in 1,000 organisations across 800 urban centers. Six key factors on which each company is rated are – career & personal growth, prestige/company reputation, training/coaching/mentoring, financial compensation & benefits, good job content and merit-based performance evaluation. The survey was conducted via the internet because online research is known to yield more honest opinions. To ensure data authenticity a three-pronged check was done.
The survey shows interesting results on the employees’ attractiveness towards a company, which depends not only on the people working in a sector but also by people outside that particular sector. The survey also shows that career and personal growth have displaced compensation as the single most important factor in deciding the ‘Best Employer’ across industries, age groups, regions and all socio-economic groups. Among the top factors that cause attractiveness towards companies are opportunities to learn, top management and possibilities of career growth.

Updated on January 25, 2010
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