Aviation Fuelling Services

Q. Where can I refuel my aircraft in India?
Ans: Aircraft can be refueled at 60 Civil Aviation Fuel Stations spread across the length & breadth of India.

Q. Can I pay by credit card?
Ans: No, fuel is not supplied on credit cards. However, IndianOil issues a prepaid card for domestic operators only (called Carnet Card) on application.

Q. What kinds of cards are acceptable to IndianOil?
Ans: IndianOil accepts only AirBP & Avcard.

Q. What are the other modes by which I can make payment for purchase of Aviation Fuels/Lubricants?
Ans: Cash, traveler cheques, Bank Drafts/Banker's Cheques, may affect payment. For international customers, the payment shall be in equivalent US Dollars at the rate prevailing at the time of supply of fuel. Passport is needed at the time of fuel supply to international customers.

Fuel is also supplied against specific authorization from the following on confirmation of balance available with us.

  1. World Fuel Services
  2. Colt International
  3. United Aviation Fuels
  4. Air Routing
  5. Hadid International

Q. Which documents are required for purchasing Aviation Fuels/Lubricants?
Ans: No documents required.