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IndianOil provides a wide range of marketing services and consultancy in fuel handling, distribution, storage and fuel/lube technical services. With a formidable bank of technical and engineering talent, IndianOil is fully equipped to handle small to large-scale infrastructural projects in the petroleum downstream sector anywhere in the country. Our project teams have independently or jointly as a consortium, have set up depots, terminals, pipelines, aviation fuel stations, filling plants, LPG bottling plants, amongst others. IndianOil's fuel management system to bulk customers offer customized solutions that deliver least cost supplies keeping in mind usage patterns and inventory levels. A wide network of lubricant and fuel testing laboratories are available at major installations which is further backed by sector-wise expertise in the core sectors of power, steel, fertilizer, gas plants, textile mills, etc. Cutting edge systems and processes are designed around one simple belief-to provide valuable customers with an unbeatable edge in their business. IndianOil's supply and distribution network is strategically located across the country linked through a customized supply chain system backed by front offices located in conceivably every single town of consequence.

The wide network of services offered by IndianOil, Marketing Division is illustrated in this section, which includes; commercial/reticulated LPG; total fuel management/ consumer pumps; IndianOil Aviation Service; LPG Business (non-fuel alliances); loyalty programs; retail business (non-fuel alliances) and SERVO technical services.

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