Paradip-Haldia crude oil pipeline inaugurated

In a landmark achievement, Mr. Sarthak Behuria, Chairman, IndianOil, inaugurated the much-awaited Paradip-Haldia crude oil pipeline system at Paradip in a grand function held on April 4, 2009.
Mr. Behuria inaugurated the pipeline by switching on the mainline pumping unit by SCADA system. He also unveiled the inaugural plaque.

In his inaugural address, Mr. Sarthak Behuria said, "The pipelines network offer a major competitive advantage in the corporationís bid to streamline and optimise operations, so as to be the least-cost supplier in the market. With the completion of Paradip-Haldia crude oil pipeline, IndianOilís roots in Eastern India will be deeper & stronger by providing an efficient & reliable supply-chain management of crude oil."

Complimenting the team that engaged in the gigantic and challenging task of building IndianOilís first offshore pipeline on the eastern coast, Mr. Behuria said that the engineers who have been associated with this site are more confident than ever before to face any challenging tasks. This offshore project was an extremely difficult job, completed under narrow fair weather window and frequently fluctuating mood of the sea, making it a rarity in India, he added. A brochure was also released by Mr. Behuria to mark the occasion.

Mr. P.K. Chakraborti, Director (Pipelines), IndianOil, presented a crystal container of crude oil to the Chairman.

Commissioned at an expenditure of Rs.1420 crore, the project is designed to transport 11 million tonnes of crude oil per year from Paradip to Refineries at Haldia and Barauni. The inauguration of the pipeline will bring substantial savings in the cost of transportation besides being environmentally-friendly. The project included, laying 330 km long pipeline linking Paradip with Haldia and Barauni Refineries of IndianOil, installation of a Single Point Mooring (SPM) system in the offshore waters of Paradip and a crude oil tank farm consisting of 15 crude oil storage tanks.
Mr. Chakraborti said that IndianOil ventured into the high seas of Bay of Bengal to establish its first Single Point Mooring system on the East coast. "A spectacular engineering feat, this onshore pipeline from Paradip to Haldia crosses about 17 major rivers and canals including the mighty Mahanadi and Baitarani," he said.

Now, the Paradip port which was so far known for handling iron ore cargoes will become the largest crude oil handling facility on the east coast of India. This pipeline will contribute to the growth of Paradip Port and be the harbinger of greater prosperity in the lives of people in the surrounding areas, added Mr. Chakraborti.

IndianOil is a pioneer and a leader in setting up cross-country pipeline networks preferred as a cost-effective, energy-efficient, safe and environment-friendly mode for transportation of crude oil and petroleum products. With the commissioning of this landmark pipeline, the total network of IndianOilís crude oil and petroleum product pipelines has now touched the magic figure of over 10,000 km.

As of today, IndianOil operates a cross-country pipelines network of over 10,064 km in length, with a combined capacity of nearly 69.60 million metric tonnes per annum (MMTPA). With a proven record in project management, IndianOil is well-equipped to provide seamless services in the entire spectrum of petroleum pipelines covering techno-economic feasibility studies, design and detailed engineering, project execution, operations & maintenance, consultancy services in capacity augmentation, modernization, SCADA, etc.

IndianOil is also setting up a state-of-the-art 15 million tonne refinery at Paradip.

Project Highlights:
  • Installation of crude oil handling facilities at Paradip Port, including installation of a Single Point Mooring (SPM) system in the offshore waters of Paradip and laying of 20 km long 48 inch diameter sub sea transfer pipeline upto the crude oil tank farm at Paradip.
  • Development of the crude oil tank farm consisting of 15 x 60,000 kl crude oil storage tanks.
  • Installation of pumping facilities at Paradip with motor-driven mainline pumping units.
  • Laying of 330 km long 30 inch diameter crude oil pipeline from Paradip to Haldia, scrapper facilities at Balasore and setting up of 10 Repeater cum Cathodic Protection stations enroute the pipeline.
  • Installation of a dedicated Optical Fibre Cable communication system along the pipeline from Paradip to Haldia.
  • Installation of state-of-the-art SCADA & telesupervisory system, with Master Control Centre at Haldia for the pipeline.
Updated on April 04,2009
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