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Human Capital

We are focused on attracting, developing and retaining the right talent to build a safe, engaged and performance driven workforce. We believe that our employees play a vital role towards achieving our long-term targets.

  • ₹ 16.27 Crore

    revenue per employee

  • ₹ 92.92 Crore

    spent on training and development

  • 8.77%

    female employees

  • 1%

    attrition rate

Material issues addressed

  • Build an engaging workplace
  • Create safe and healthy practices for employees
  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Improve employee productivity

Work environment and culture

At IndianOil, we believe in a strong value system and best practices to enhance and improve our capabilities and achieve our organisational objectives. People processes/practices have been designed and executed to facilitate a conducive work environment. To create an engaging and interactive workplace, the human resource team has framed a well-defined HR policy, encompassing strategies for the healthy development of employees.

In order to ensure effective implementation of policies, IT tools are pre-configured with checks and workflows. Effective grievance redressal processes are also structured to keep the trust, respect and confidence of our team intact. Further, we frequently evaluate our benefits and remuneration policy, to benchmark it with industry standards.

Respecting human rights, the societies we work with and the partners in our value chain are integral to our ethos. The HR Policies at our workplace includes freedom of association, collective bargaining, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace (POSH) and Whistle Blower Policy, amongst others. Our acquisitions, mergers and investment decisions take into consideration human rights clauses. Our supplier onboarding process encompasses environmental and social parameters, including human rights.

Training and development

At IndianOil, our strong leadership development philosophy is based on the belief that an empowered individual utilises opportunities and rises above others to take complete ownership of a task and makes significant differences.

We have made significant progress on this front, to develop flagship programs that encourage leadership skills at all levels. Different types of training programmes have been formulated for employees at different levels, based on their roles in the organisation. These programmes are:

  • Cutting Edge for Creating Wealth
  • Threshold : Leading in Uncertain Times
  • Saksham – IndianOil Leadership Competency Development Program
  • Senior Management Program
  • Advanced Management Program
  • 1 year Executive MBA program
  • Leadership Simulation workshop / Business simulation games
  • Launch of ‘Aarohi’ initiative that aims at all-round development, especially leadership qualities of a select group of women leaders at the middle management level.

Saksham – IndianOil Leadership Competency Development

Further, as part of the organisation’s focus on ‘Investing in Our People’ - Project “Saksham” (meaning “Competent”) - a structured Leadership Competency Development Programme has been designed and launched with a view to develop leadership competencies in sync with the IndianOil leadership competency framework, comprising of 8 leadership competencies. This unique initiative aims at providing our leaders best inputs required to effectively develop their leadership skills. As part of this initiative, customised and specialised developmental modules on each leadership competency have been designed exclusively for IndianOil by some of the best B-Schools in the Country – e.g. Strategic Leadership by IIM Ahmedabad, Customer and Operational Leadership by IIM Bangalore, Business Results Leadership by IIM Calcutta, Talent and Change Leadership by XLRI, Jamshedpur. A new self-driven training platform of “Swadhyaya” has also drawn interest of many learners .

Swadhyaya – IndianOil’s e-learning platform

IndianOil developed an e-learning platform, christened Swadhyaya (self-learning), containing about 1100 modules on a wide range of functional content across the organisation. Just before the lockdown, about 6,000 hours of content was consumed by 2,000-odd active users. Through focused communication, promotion and daily analytics sharing, a learning revolution was triggered. Swadhyaya now has almost 19,000 active users who consumed around 5 Lakhs hours of e-content in the last few months.

Training expenditure and Person hours

Secretary, MoP&NG Shri Tarun Kapoor (Centre) along with Chairman Shri S. M. Vaidya and Director (HR) Shri R. K. Mohapatra, during the valedictory function of Women’s Leadership Programme ‘Aarohi’ at IiPM

Employee engagement

IndianOil has always believed in empowering its employees by providing various learning opportunities to enable them to take up challenges of the future. We have been known as an ‘Academy Company’ for the tremendous opportunity extended to employees for overall growth and development, more importantly towards building a human capital. The employee development initiatives of IndianOil have resulted in providing a pipeline of leadership talent and are benchmarked as best in the industry.

Employee Satisfaction Survey is conducted every year to capture employee feedback on various aspects impacting their engagement with the organisation. To have a deeper perspective of employee aspirations and know the pulse of our employees, the Employee Satisfaction Survey has been re-designed, including its employee engagement component. The newer version of the Survey was launched by the Chairman, christened as “Pratidhwani”. It was highly acclaimed by employees and received about 75% participation, which has been the highest so far.

The Chairman’s YourSpace Portal, where employees can directly share ideas, continues to receive encouraging response from the employees. This is a top-driven approach for delivering ideas directly to the apex management. Employees directly write their views to the Chairman via a dedicated portal. The suggestions are then evaluated and assessed by a high-level committee and if found feasible, they are adopted and implemented.

The suggestion scheme portal is general in nature and the suggestions are categorised not as per department/division but in the following manner:


Total ideas provided since inception of the portal from 2018


Ideas have been executed

Some other programs undertaken during the year were :

  • R&D “Ideation Festival” to encourage employees to submit new and innovative ideas outlining the scope, rationale and pertinence of energy research and its relevance to R&D
  • IndianOil Suggestion Scheme encourages employees to give suggestions. Employees are rewarded on the basis of acceptability/ suggestion implementation
  • Formal scheme to reward employees based on number of patents filed/ commercialised
  • Feedbacks are presently being conducted through in-house software available for the Pipelines Division

₹ 6.93 Crore

One-time saving under suggestion scheme

Diversity and inclusion

We strive towards building a culture of inclusion, where diversity forms a foundation to build a future-ready organisation. We are committed to ‘Equal Opportunity Policy’ aiming to provide opportunities without any discrimination on the grounds of disability, gender, caste, religion, race, state, background, colour, etc. We also foster a workplace that is free from harassment, where individuals are treated with dignity and respect.

We take pride in being a gender neutral organisation. However, few policies have been implemented to provide an opportunity to female employees to balance their career and personal life. Therefore, in addition to maternity leave, female employees are also allowed child adoption leave, child care leave for a specified duration, and special leave to join their husband posted in other organisation at a different station. The corporation also has a central policy on providing creche facility at locations, wherever required and feasible.

Special efforts are also made for professional development of women employees with exclusive training programmes designed for them, such as the ‘Women Leadership Program’. IndianOil introduced a ‘one-of-its-kind’ initiative, which aims at the long-term and all-round development of select women leaders at the middle management level


Total Females employees

Occupational health & safety

At IndianOil, we strive to create a safe workplace by adhering to rules and sharing our experiences. We do everything in our capacity to ensure the safety of our employees and prevent any occupational accidents.

In a virtual environment that Covid-19 created, at IndianOil, we adapted to the new normal and framed policies to drive the organisation ahead. The acronym, PACE, was used to sum up all the activities undertaken as part of the new normal.

Doctors and medical staff at IndianOil Bongaigaon Refinery

Initiatives taken during the new normal:

  • The need to reskill and upskill the workforce has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Owing to greater reliance on technology, employees had to be trained to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Prevention and awareness strategies were implemented to control the spread of Covid-19. A high level committee was set up for the monitoring and development of quarantine centres, Covid care centres, and dedicated Covid health centres, issuance and implementation of procedures and practices mandated by Government directives, ensuring use of masks and PPE kits by employees, spreading awareness through mailers, posters and digital sessions, training by in-house doctor/medical staff, implementation of various administrative controls, such as thermal screening at entry points, practice of proper hygiene/sanitation measures, physical distancing, ensuring staggered office timings, allowing work from home, etc.
  • Adopted virtual instructor led training (VILT) for benefit of employees.
  • Offered tele-consultation facilities for employees through our in-house tele-consultation app, which provided access to 240 doctors.

Awards and Recognition

  • Name of award
  • Awarding authority
  • Award

10th PSE Excellence Awards

Indian Chamber of Commerce

Runner Up

SHRM HR Excellence Awards 2020

SHRM India

Special Recognition among PSUs

Swachhta Pakhwada Awards, 2020

Swachhta Pakhwada Awards, 2020


Swachhta Hi Sewa Campaign 2019

Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Govt. of India

2nd Runner Up

Sustained Excellence Award 2020

BML Munjal


National Award for Innovative Training Practices 2019-20


Special Commendation (Manuf. Sector)

National CSR Award under Women and Child Development category

Ministry of Corporate Affairs


Oil & Gas Awards 2020



1. Oil & Gas Pipeline Transportation Co. of the Year

2. Innovator of the Tear (Team)

3. Digitally Advanced Co. of the Year