Cross Country Pipeline Management

With its first pipeline laid in the early 60s, IndianOil is a pioneer in crude oil & product pipelines in India. The cross-country pipelines network has now extended to over 11,214 km, with two Single Point Mooring (SPM) systems.

cross countryIndianOil’s Pipelines team has vast experience and expertise in techno-economic feasibility studies, design & detailed engineering, project execution, operation, maintenance and consultancy services for areas such as capacity augmentation, modernisation, etc. Proven project tools and techniques are used in project management to ensure high-levels of quality, productivity, time schedule and cost control.

The sophisticated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Applications Software is used in all stages of project implementation, right from inception to completion, including field services, maintenance and operations support. Tanker handling, crude oil/product accounting, quality control, ocean loss control, pigging procedure development & analysis of pigging data, selection/testing and evaluation of drag reducers, O&M of tank farm/pump stations, are the other areas of expertise for which the Pipelines team offers consultancy services.

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Harendra Kumar Singh
Executive Director (Projects)