Panipat Refinery (Near Delhi)

Digboi Refinery

The small town of Digboi in the remote northeastern corner of the country is the birthplace of the Oil Industry in India. Commissioned in 1901, the refinery is one of the oldest operating refineries in the world and known as the "Gangotri of the Indian Hydrocarbon sector." Earlier owned and operated by the Assam Oil Company Limited under/Burmah Oil Company, it came into the fold of the Indian Oil Corporation Limited on October 14, 1981 and became Assam Oil Division of Indian Oil Corporation Limited.

The initial refining capacity of the refinery was 500 bbls/day, which was increased to 0.5 MMTPA in 1940. After nationalization, a massive modernization program was executed, and the capacity of the refinery was augmented to 0.65 MMTPA in 1996. Several new units have been commissioned which include a new Crude Distillation Unit, a new Delayed Coking Unit, a Catalytic Reforming Unit, a new Solvent De-waxing Unit, and a Wax Hydro finishing Unit. The refinery also installed a Hydrotreater Unit in 2003 to improve the quality of diesel. MS quality upgradation project was installed in the year 2010.

Digboi refinery processes High Wax Content Crude and produces Paraffin Wax in addition to distillates and other heavy ends. The paraffin wax produced by the refinery is of the finest quality in the world.

Digboi refinery is situated in the midst of pristine biodiversity. The refinery was the first amongst IOCL refineries to become BS-VI compliant.

Upcoming projects: Refinery expansion project to 1.0 MMTPA has been approved with target for commissioning by October 2025.