Non-PDS Superior Kerosene Oil

kerosen Kerosenes are distillate fractions of crude oil in the boiling range of 150-250 ?. They are treated mainly for reducing aromatic content to increase their smoke point (height of a smokeless flame) and hydrofining to reduce sulphur content and to improve odour, colour & burning qualities (char value).

Kerosene is used as a domestic fuel for heating / lighting and also for manufacture of insecticides/herbicides/fungicides to control pest, weeds and fungi. Since kerosene is less volatile than gasoline, increase in its evaporation rate in domestic burners is achieved by increasing surface area of the oil to be burned and by increasing its temperature. The two types of burners which achieve this fall into two categories namely vaporisers & atomisers

The Indian Standard governing the properties of kerosene is IS 1459:1974 (2nd Rev)

Kerosene Non-PDS Prices in Metros (Rs./KL)

Applicable from September 16, 2023

Metros Prices
Delhi 89,453.23
Kolkata 93,078.22
Mumbai 94,518.00
Chennai 94,234.80