Licensing of Technologies

Technologies for Licensing

Technologies for Licensing

Petrochemical Feedstocks

INDMAX Light Olefins / LPG & High Octane Gasoline from Heavy Streams

indLPet® Production of Monoaromatics from LCO

Residue Upgradation

Delayed Coking Conversion of Residue to Distillates

Ind-CokerAT® Residue Upgradation with Higher Distillate Yields

Product Quality Improvement

indeDiesel® Production of Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel

indeHex® Production of Polymer/Food Grade Hexane

indSelect Desulfurization of Cracked Gasoline with minimum Octane loss

Octane Boosting

Octamax® Production of Gasoline Component of very High Octane

AmyleMax® Enhancing Octane of Light Olefinic Gasoline

Sulphur Reduction

indDSN® Production of Ultra-low Sulphur Naphtha

indDSK® Production of Ultra-clean Kerosene

INDAdept® Deep Desulfurization of Cracked Gasoline through Adsorption

indJet® Selective Removal of Mercaptan Sulphur from ATF

Waste to Fuels

IBG- Plus / IBG- Max Production of Compressed Bio-Gas

INDEcoP2F Co-processing of Waste Plastic in Delayed Coker

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