Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL)

CPCLChennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL) is a world class Refining Company with dominant presence in South India. CPCL, formerly known as Madras Refineries Limited (MRL), was formed in 1965 as a joint venture between the Government of India (GOI), AMOCO and National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). Subsequent to AMOCO's and GOI's disinvestment in 1985 and 2001 respectively, CPCL became a group company of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL).

In 1969, CPCL set up its first Refinery in Manali, Chennai with an installed capacity of 2.5 MMTPA in a record time of 27 months. CPCL now has two refineries with a combined refining capacity of 10.5 MMTPA. The Manali Refinery has progressively increased its refining capacity to the current level of 9.5 MMTPA and is one of the most complex refineries in India and produces Fuels, Lubes, Wax and Petrochemical feed stocks. CPCL's second Refinery is located at Cauvery Basin in Nagapattinam. This unit was initially set up with a capacity of 0.5 MMTPA in 1993 and later enhanced to 1.0 MMTPA with its own captive Jetty. The turnover of CPCL for the year 2008-09 was Rs. 36,490 crore .

CPCL plays the role of a Mother Industry supplying feed stocks to the neighbouring industries in Manali. CPCL's products are marketed through IOCL. CPCL's products are mostly consumed domestically except Naphtha, Fuel Oil and Lubes which are partly exported.

CPCL has also made pioneering efforts in the field of Energy and Water Conservation by setting up a Wind Farm and Sewage Reclamation and Sea Water Desalination Plants.

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