Gujarat Refinery

Gujarat Refinery is situated at Jawahar Nagar, nearly 10 km North of Vadodara. It is the anchoring industry of Vadodara, catering to the increasing energy demand due to the fast-paced development and economic prosperity of the vibrant state of Gujarat over the course of five decades.

Gujarat Refinery was set up as a 2 MMTPA refinery. The first crude distillation unit, Atmospheric Unit-I (AU-I) of 1.0 MMTPA was commissioned in 1965. Today it is a 13.7 MMTPA integrated refinery-cum-petrochemical complex.

The second crude distillation unit and Catalytic Reforming Unit were installed in 1966, and the third 1.0 MMTPA crude distillation unit (AU-3) was commissioned in 1967 to process Ankleshwar & North Gujarat crudes. In December 1968, Udex plant was commissioned for the production of benzene & toluene using feedstock available from CRU. By 1974-75, with in-house modifications, the capacity of the refinery was further increased to a level of 4.2 MMTPA. To process imported crude, the refinery was expanded during 1978-79 by adding another 3 MMTPA crude distillation unit (AU-4) along with downstream processing units like Vacuum Distillation, Visbreaker & Bitumen Blowing Unit. For recovery of high-value products from the residue, the secondary processing facilities consisting of a Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) were commissioned in 1982 and the crude processing capacity of the refinery was further increased to 9.5 MMTPA.

In 1993-94, Gujarat Refinery commissioned the country’s first Hydrocracker Unit for conversion of heavier ends of crude oil to high-value superior products. The country’s first Diesel Hydrodesulphurization Unit (DHDS) to reduce Sulphur content in diesel was commissioned in 1999. MTBE Unit was commissioned in 1999 to eliminate lead in MS.

By 1999, with the commissioning of the 5th crude distillation unit (AU–5), Gujarat Refinery further augmented its capacity to 13.7 MMTPA. In 2004, the world’s largest single-train Linear Alkyl Benzene Plant with an annual capacity of 1,20,000 tonnes was set up marking IOCL’s big-ticket entry into Petrochemicals.

Further, the following units were added to meet the fuel specifications:

In 2022, expanding its wing in Petrochemical sector Gujarat Refinery’s Linear Alkyl Benzene Plant capacity was augmented from 120 KTPA to 162 KTPA.

A step towards realising the Prime Minister's vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat, Gujarat Refinery equipped the facility for the production and dispatch of Avgas 100 LL, the first of its kind in India in September 2022. The successful production of Avgas 100 LL at Gujarat Refinery has not only ensured the indigenous availability of this product but has also opened up avenues for its profitable export opportunities for the company.

A new product tank terminal has been commissioned at Dumad area which is approx. 16 km from IOCL Gujarat Refinery in Feb 2022 for dispatch of HSD, MS, ATF through new multi-product pipeline KAhSPL (Koyali Ahmednagar Solapur Pipeline).

Upcoming Projects:

Specialty Products: Polymer Grade Hexane, MTBE, LAB, HAB, MARPOL FO, HFHSD, AVGAS (100LL)

Additional Products after expansion and upcoming

projects: Polypropylene, Lube Oil Base Stocks of different grades, Butyl Acrylate, Iso Butyl Alcohol

Mode of Product Dispatch: