Indane LPG

Going beyond the realms of Indian kitchens, Indane has evolved into a fuel of choice for various commercial and industrial applications including commercial kitchens, heating, steam generation, and as a foaming agent, to name a few.

Today, Indane is widely used for heating applications such as cooking for commercial purposes; maintaining warm temperatures for poultry farming / chicken brooding; hot air drying of seeds/pulses /crop; drying coffee beans; roasting tea leaves; heating in heavy industries for ladle; pre-heating in foundries; manufacturing of glass bottles & aluminum beverage cans; metal cutting in manufacturing & construction industry; steam humidification & steam distillation in pharma industries; steam generation for power laundry, iron presses; drying in paper industry; steam generation for application in textile units for finishing; food industry; and frying and baking confectioneries for. Indane is also used in various non-fuel applications such as aerosols (pest repellents, deodorants, etc.) and physical foaming agents in mattresses and packing material.

In order to meet the varying requirement of customers, IndianOil markets LPG for Non-Domestic use in 2 Kg, 5 kg, 19 kg, 47.5 kg and 425 kg (Indane JUMBO) capacity cylinders. Other than 5 kg, all other cylinders are marketed with Liquid Offtake (LOT) and Vapour Offtake (VOT) valves.

The 19kg Indane LPG cylinders are suitable for use in hotels, restaurants, cafes, canteens, and for industrial applications. With flow rate ranging between 0.5 kg/hr to 0.6 kg/hr, these cylinders are used in the multiple cylinder manifolds. Our 19 kg cylinders are compact, easy to handle, and safe to use.

47.5 kg LPG cylinders are provided to commercial kitchens (hotels, hospitals, and restaurants) and industrial customers. The flow rate ranges from 5 - 6 kg/hr with a 47.5 kg Liquid off take (LOT) cylinder.

INDANE JUMBO Cylinders (990 ltr water capacity cylinder carrying 425 kg LPG) are marketed to industrial customers with a higher volume requirement. A flow rate exceeding 500 kg per hour can be achieved by using Indane JUMBO cylinders. Indane JUMBO has the following advantages:


Indane XTRATEJ is an additized LPG used in various commercial and industrial applications. It is enhanced with additives developed through cutting-edge Nano technology at IndianOil's R&D Centre. The flame temperature of Indane XTRATEJ is higher by ~ 65 ℃. This leads to the following benefits for the customers:

Indane XTRATEJ is currently marketed in 19 kg, 47.5 kg & 425 kg capacity cylinders. Existing customers of non-domestic Indane cylinders (19 kg, 47.5 kg and 425 kg) can avail Indane XTRATEJ by asking their distributor for the change-over.

Observed in trial marketing and lab conditions


Our new product "Indane NANOCUT" is additized LPG for high temperature Industrial applications which is based on a proprietary additive formulation innovated at IndianOil’s R&D Centre. The indigenously developed additive enhances the efficiency of LPG as cutting gas in terms of high flame temperature, heat through put, low oxygen consumption, reduced cylinder inventory, thereby leading to better economy to the user of "Indane NANOCUT".

Indane NANOCUT is a safe and efficient alternative to the hazardous oxy-acetylene gas used for metal-cutting and other high-temperature applications.

Chhotu 5 Kg FTL cylinders:

To cater to the evolving demands of the LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) users and improve customer convenience, IndianOil launched a small cooking gas cylinder also known as Chhotu, 5 Kg FTL (Free trade LPG) cylinder, thus becoming the first PSU Oil Company in the country to replicate the international model of making available cooking gas cylinders from corner stores for the convenience of its customers.

Chhotu, a mini cooking gas cylinder, has been launched especially for catering to migrant population in urban and semi urban areas who do not have local address proof, people with lower gas consumption, and commercial establishments with limited space. Customers can avail Chhotu 5 kg Free Trade LPG from Indane distributors, or any nearest Point of Sale such as IndianOil Retail Outlet, select kirana stores, etc. without submitting any address proof.

Domestic LPG Reticulated System:

Besides supplying domestic Indane LPG cylinders to households, IndianOil also offers cost-effective, reticulated LPG systems for large residential apartment complexes and establishments. Since these gas pipelines are laid to individual homes, drawn from a bank of LPG cylinders stored safely in a dedicated place in the building, it provides relief from booking for refills and storage of additional cylinder, for individual customers.

Be it packed, bulk or reticulated system, Indane is the perfect solution for all LPG needs. Contact your nearest Indane distributor to know more.