XtraGreen- The new age Eco-friendly fuel

IndianOil expanded its bouquet of differentiated offerings with the introduction of its all-new high-performance diesel brand – XtraGreen. One of the cleanest diesel fuels across the globe, XtraGreen offers higher fuel economy and reduced noise.

The higher cetane number of XtraGreen has led to better combustion & longer durability as compared to conventional fuel, while Particulate matter (PM) emissions have decreased by about 7% (under simulated road load driving conditions). PAH content in particulate matter is estimated to plummet by nearly 3%, considerably reducing carcinogenicity of diesel exhaust emissions.

The Diesel Multi-Functional Additive (DMFA) added in XtraGreen reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 12%, while a 5% decline has been observed in emission of nitrogen oxides.

Third -party testing agencies have also reported a nearly 6% increase in fuel economy. A new age eco-friendly fuel, XtraGreen has been critical to driving the Nation with sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions.