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IndianOil launches SERVO Greenmile and SERVO Raftaar lubricants specifically designed for BS-VI vehicles
New Delhi   02-Sep-2021

IndianOil launches SERVO Greenmile and SERVO Raftaar lubricants specifically designed for BS-VI vehicles

To help reduce emissions, improve performance, and provide longer drain potential

IndianOil launched two new premium lubricants - SERVO Greenmile and SERVO Raftaar, specifically designed for BS-VI vehicles to help reduce emissions and improve engine performance.

These novel and eco-friendly lubricants will help reduce carbon footprint and meet the stringent specifications for the most advanced petrol & diesel vehicles. SERVO Greenmile meets SAE 5W-30 & API SN requirements and helps reduce carbon dioxide by up to 10 %, while SERVO Raftaar meets SAE 15W-40 & API CK-4 requirements, and also helps reduce carbon footprint by 10 %.

Launching the products, Mr S M Vaidya, Chairman, IndianOil, said, "At IndianOil, we recognise that the expansion of the bouquet of our green offerings is essential to enhance our business competitiveness in a market that is now being driven by sustainable priorities. Most of our recent product launches mark our unwavering focus on going green while achieving performance improvements."

"The newly launched SERVO Greenmile and SERVO Raftaar reflect IndianOil's strong environmental conscience and our focus on innovation. The two new eco-friendly engine oils will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of vehicle users. SERVO Greenmile is premium engine oil for new generation petrol cars and SUVs, whereas SERVO Raftaar will enhance the driving experience for diesel vehicles while meeting the latest national and international standards," added Mr. Vaidya

SERVO Greenmile is premium engine oil for new generation petrol cars & SUVs, meeting the latest national & international standards. The oil is tailor-made for BS-VI vehicles and is suitable for BS-IV and older model vehicles as well. With modern vehicles having smaller engines and operating under much severe conditions, SERVO Greenmile is a longer life oil designed to provide improved high-temperature deposit protection for pistons, more stringent sludge control, enhanced emission control system compatibility, seal compatibility, and protection of engines operating on ethanol-blended fuels.

SERVO Raftaar is premium engine oil for new generation diesel vehicles, meeting the latest national & international standards. Currently, BS-VI diesel vehicles employ after-treatment devices such as Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) & Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), to reduce PM & NOx. These after-treatment devices contain catalysts that can be poisoned if the engine oil contains higher amounts of sulphated ash, phosphorous & sulphur (SAPS). Thus, engine oils with very stringent specifications have been mandated for BS-VI vehicles. SERVO Raftaar is one such product from IndianOil, meeting the requirements of API CK4, the most stringent standard for diesel engine oils. SERVO Raftaar also provides excellent protection against wear and deposits leading to excellent engine cleanliness. The oil has superior anti-oxidation properties and control on oil consumption.

About IndianOil:

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